On April 25th & 26th Mondragon presented Rennovates on the 9th Forum (2018) on Urban Intelligence and Sustainability (Malaga, Spain). Rennovates was one of the examples of Mondragon’s strategies for Smart Cities presenting R&D activities and technological developments for the near future. More info to be found on http://greencities.malaga.eu/en/


Zero Net Energy and Housing rennovation. A really hot topic especially for housing corporations in the Netherlands.  Read this article in Corporatiebouw (Dutch).

We are proud Impact Magazine features REnnovates in their article about the future of Net Zero Housing. Click here to read the article.

An interesting article (Dutch) on our challenge: buffering local generated green energy.

Read the article here (Dutch)


Is this the future of solar? The roof tiles are actually made of textured glass. From most viewing angles, they look just like ordinary shingles, but they allow light to pass through from above onto a standard flat solar cell.

Rennovates consortium partner Stedin wins World’s first Energy Brand Award in Reykjavik


The panels have been recognised for their excellent thermal insulation properties (achieving lambda value 7 mW/mK) at a thickness of less than one third of conventional air-filled insulation panels. In addition, the new panels offer excellent fire …

Vacuum insulation panels to fill gap in retrofitting market – Cordis News

Innovative commercial space renovated in Middlesbrough town centre by property developers Jomast has brought business to the area and current tenants are expanding. The polished exterior of the newly revamped Sun Alliance … The property built in the …

Commercial Property Update – December 2015 – BQ Live

The downtown partnership and Demolition Davenport announced in July that a Class A office complex was the desired development for the hotel built in 1964 as the Clayton House. Multiple developers were interested in …. Phase 2 will be the renovation …

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