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BAM is the first building company to receive the ‘NOM keurmerk’.

On the second edition of Energy Up, an inspiring day where all members and partners of `Stroomversnelling’  come together, BAM received the NOM certificate.
It’s a conformation that BAM meets the highest quality standards in Zero Net Housing.

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Rennovates transforms the old Zubillaga school in Oñati to an effective building.

The City Council, MCC (Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa), LKS Ingeniería and Mondragon Unibertsitatea (Higher Polytechnic School) are the promoters of this initiative, which is part of a EU innovation project accelerating sustainable energy usage and reducing green house gases.

The main objective(s):

  • Extend the lifespan of old buildings with low energy performance and poor living comfort
  • Maximize the efficiency of renewable energy sources that optimize use at local level and minimize the impact on the existing network of energy infrastructures
  • Be cost-effective by using prefabricated systems and large-scale replication of systems

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On November, 13th the agreement between the municipality of Oñati and the Spanish partners in Rennovates took place.


20171120 – KEOBAM Presentation v3.0 – BAM part

EEBus and Rennovates. On behalf of Rennovates, Niklas Arpula (KEO) and Dennis van Goch (BAM) enjoyed a lot of interest and enthusiastic reactions for their interactive presentation at FLEXCON. FLEXCON is the first European conference dedicated to energy flexibility. View their presentation here. Key message(s):

In energy management standardized device communication is essential

When all devices in the energy network speak EEBUS: households become core components of the Smart Grid

Financieel Dagblad (Dutch Financial newspaper): Slimme wijk met batterijen ontlasten het stroomnet” (smart neighborhood with batteries ease the energy grid). Click for Article

Look at these beautiful drone-pictures.

Deep renovation of 187 houses resulting in Net zero emission family houses in Heerhugowaard (the Netherlands).

Smart appliance industry applies EEBus Data Model SPINE for smart use of energy. At the European Utility Week on the subject Consumer Energy Management, Whirlpool, the number one major appliance manufacturer released that they fully support the SPINE data models for white goods which is standardized in the European Smart Appliance Standard prEN 50631.

EEBus and Energy@home demonstrate consumer energy management and convergence of the communication standards together with ESMIG. Mark van Stiphout (EC, DG Energy, Deputy Head of Unit new energy technologies and innovation), welcomed the successful demonstration of EEBus and was interested in the further work of the initiative.