We felt honoured with the appearance of Dutch minister Wiebes and Flemish minister Tommelein at our REnnovates Closing Event The Next Level of Sustainable Housing. After the event, minister Wiebes send us a written compliment which encourages us all to go full speed ahead with the replication of our concept.

First of all: consider yourself a pioneer and be proud of it. You are in the process of drastically changing historical proportions.
Pioneers have to pull hard on a cart. You will sometimes run into obstacles, but you cannot let that stop you. Realize that you are on the right side of the development.

The sooner your company or organization makes the change, the greater the market it can acquire with new technology and knowledge. It is therefore also prudent to be a pioneer in business economics.”
Photo by Herbert Wiggerman for BAM (BAM Homestudios, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 28-08-2018)