Enervalis believes in a maximal green energy future. This brings high costs into the networks due to the volatile nature of green energy and therefore high mismatch between supply and demand of energy. Exactly a solution for this mismatch is what Enervalis focusses on: it builds the operating system of the future energy network to support mass market energy services by means of software-based intelligent demand side shaping.  Smart EV, Smart Building and Smart Microgrids are applications of the SmartPowerSuite operating system. 

In the REnnovates project, Enervalis will deploy and further extend it’s SmartPowerSuite operating system with a high focus on the Smart Microgrid application part as an important part of the project is about optimisation on aggregated level. Enervalis expects that this project will become a blue-print for how sustainable, green residential buildings can be optimally managed and actually form cost-effective and scalable cornerstones of the distributed next generation energy networks.

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