The KEO GmbH is part of the Kellendonk Group and is specialized in interoperable software solutions for the Internet of Things. KEO brings businesses into the age of sector independent and technology neutral connectivity, with its implementations of the EEBus Standard and consultancy that covers all the important aspects in the interoperable world of EEBus. KEO’s customer portfolio features leading device manufacturers who want to network their devices, as well as innovative service providers who are seeking access to the billions of devices in the Internet of Things.


In REnnovates KEO will implement the smart EEBus standard into all mayor electronic devices renewed during the renovation process (heat pumps, inverters, ventilation units etc.), to achieve a smart and interoperable connection that enables an energy manager to maximize energy saving and cuts/shifts peak loads. With REnnovates KEO wants to demonstrate how interoperable connectivity can increase user comfort and add value to all stakeholders by establishing an ecologically efficient and smart solution that overcomes the boarders of sectors and technologies.

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