MassiveCell Technologies Ltd (MCT) is engaged in the lithium-ion battery R&D and manufacturing industry. MCT is commercializing the MassiveCell technology which utilizes existing technologies with improved effectiveness. MassiveCells can be used as energy storage to support renewable energy generation or to improve TSO/DSO operations and even in electric vehicles. The MCT competitive advantage is its cost-efficiency due manufacturing speed and structural simplicity.

MCT is part of REnnovates consortium due it’s background and expertise in Li-ion energy storages. As part of energy efficient renovation energy streams has to be considered carefully. Energy storages provide a medium to capture and release energy streams which again will increase overall efficiency. MCT provides knowledge and experience to tailor right solution for REnnovates.

The future of human race seems to be bright and full of sun shine. MCT hopes to find the most efficient paths for commercial implementation of its technology in solar energy generation. Being part of European team which is compiled with extraordinary skills and versatility MCT is ensuring it’s success. We are already a living proof how common goals for better future is a lucrative business at the same time.

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