Stedin (1999) is originated from regional energy companies and retailer Eneco (due to liberalization). Stedin  is a grid operator with nearly 3500 employees in the Netherlands in an urban area with cities like Den Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the Port of Rotterdam. Stedin has 2 million electricity connections and almost as many gas connections. Behind those connections several million customers (>2 million) are serviced by Stedin. In order to meet our goal: “Always energy for our customers. Simple, affordable and sustainable” we strive for the highest reliability. In 2013 this resulted in 21,2 minutes of average electricity supply interruption duration. To maintain our reliability in the coming years we invested nearly 500 million in our grid in 2014.


Besides that Stedin is one of the grid operators who’s actively involved with the energy transition and the use of smart grids. Stedin demonstrates this by executing or taking part in multiple pilots and demonstration projects. Projects where minimizing domestic energy consumption and maximalization of (local) generatation of energy are explored. The leverage of energy streams and the effects on grid capacity (i.g. investments) can be valued and are part of the business model.

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