VITO is a leading European independent research and consultancy centre in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development, elaborating solutions for the large societal challenges of today.

Sustainable Energy is one of the areas of expertise, where VITO in the EnergyVille Association (with the KULeuven and IMEC) focusses on ‘smart systems for smart cities’. Fields of expertise are advanced thermal and electric networks, system integration of buildings and e-vehicles, grid-connected storage, energy market structure and simulation/modelling of energy systems

In the REnnovates project, VITO assumes the role of Technical Coordinator as well as Workpackage Leader of the workpackage on Building and Neighbourhood flexibility modeling. Next to flexibility modeling work, where models will be developed for optimizing control as well as for flexibility trading, VITO will as well develop optimizing control and trading algorithms at building and neighbourhood level as well as at trading level.

Both these models and algorithms will be based on and integrated and demonstrated in standards-based platforms (specifically EEBus, OpenADR and USEF) in a real-life setting (district renovation site).

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