Projects and Results

The Rennovates project started September 2015, evaluating the potential of the three demo sides, i.e. the Netherlands, Spain and Poland. The demo in Netherlands will be oriented towards the impact of a renovated district on the electric grid, whilst the Polish demo will be on a district heating network. Evaluating the design, construction and implementation of the energy module concept in Spain.
Public documentation you’ll find on this page.

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D2.2 Software integration BIM with open-source model at district level

REnnovates: Flexibility activated zero energy districts.

Software integration BIM with open-source model at district level. This document represents the cover letter associated with D2.2 within the REnnovates project which is the result of the activities performed within T2.2, related to ICT enrichment on the district level.

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D9.1 REnnovates Handbook

This document provides the overall guidelines and procedures for the REnnovates project. It is to be used as the main source of administration related to issues within the project. This document builds on many of the guidelines and procedures from the Grant and Consortium Agreements and attempts to define a practical approach to their implementation.


D8.1 Project Website / portal REnnovates

This deliverable contains a public website and an internal projects website. Here you can find a document with an impression of the (public) Rennovates-website and the project platform (Sharepoint). The public website is accessible via The website includes information about the Rennovates-concept, the partners involved, news and results.

The project platform (Sharepoint) includes all program-related documents (deliverables, project documents, meeting minutes, etc.).


D2.1 Report Software Integration BIM (open source model @ business level)

What is the minimal information, on building level, required to accurately estimate a given building KPI?
Here you will find our answer



D8.2 Dissemination & Communication Strategy

This document describes the Dissemination and Communication strategy of REnnovates- a project funded byHorizon2020 – the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme.

The main goal of the Dissemination & Communication Strategy is to raise the awareness of the project activities to make REnnovates a successful EU-project.